CCTV Systems

Security is one of the most important aspects of any business and even in homes. And what better way to ensure the security of your home or office premise than by keeping an eye on what’s happening there through CCTV cameras. These cameras need no introduction. One can find CCTV systems installed in all types of places like homes, offices, schools, hospitals, markets, streets, etc. At ClearTechME, we are engaged in offering state of the art CCTV systems running on advanced technology. Whether you are looking for a single camera CCTV system installation or a multi-camera system, we have the resources to cater to all your requirements.

High resolution cameras and latest digital recorders form an integral part of the systems that we offer. You can experience remote viewing through the fully-networked compatible systems that we install in your premises. We are offering all types of cameras, from static ones to the tilting and moving dome ones. The systems store the data in their internal hard drive and can be controlled through a wide range of DVRs. Once you have our CCTV systems installed, you can monitor each and every activity within its purview on your monitor screen. This adds a strong layer of security to your place.